Why Fallout 3 is Better Than Oblivion

At least for GamesRadar, that finds eleven reasons why:

Fallout 3 is more than just a sequel to one of the most beloved PC RPG series ever – it’s also a spiritual successor to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, probably the single most ginormous game of the current console generation. Created by Bethesda, the same developer behind that sprawling fantasy epic, Fallout 3 has some pretty huge shoes to fill – but judging by what we’ve seen so far, it took one look, scoffed and is currently at work on an even bigger pair.

While it could be described as Oblivion with guns, Fallout 3 mutates that game’s first-person RPG experience into something that – while its DNA is still recognizable as Oblivion’s – is wholly distinct. In fact, the small chunk of Fallout 3 that we’ve played through so far essentially takes everything that was great about Oblivion and retools it into something better – here are 11 of the best examples we could find.


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