GameSpy Previews Fallout 3

GameSpy hands on preview of Fallout 3:

While it might have taken a while to finally get our hands on the game, it appears that Fallout 3 will be well worth the wait. Sure, the game strays from its roots and it’s similar to Oblivion in many ways, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Not only does the game look beautiful and run quite smoothly, it features a number of interesting new gameplay mechanics. While V.A.T.S. seems a bit simplistic at first, you’ll likely be surprised by its depth, and it never feels like you’ll be able to use it to cruise through the game. After years and years of starts and stops, we’re closer than ever to finally getting the Fallout game we’ve all been waiting for.

Thanks mloothi. Watch out for some mistakes in the end of the article.


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