Playing An Hour of Fallout 3

New hands on preview at IGNXBox360:

Since it’s such a big part of the Fallout universe, listed below are all the skills and perks that were present in the June preview version of the game, with this list:


  • Barter: Affects Buying and Selling
  • Big Guns: Determines combat effectiveness with oversized weapons
  • Energy Weapons: Determines combat effectiveness with plasma weapons
  • Explosiveness: Determines power of mines/ effectiveness of grenades/ ease of disarming hostile mines
  • Medicine: Determines how many HP you can heal with one stimpack
  • Repair: How well weapons and apparel are maintained and increases starting condition of custom-made weapons
  • Science: Affects computer hacking skills
  • Small Guns: Determines combat effectiveness for smaller weapons
  • Sneak: It’s easier to remain undetected, steal or pick someone’s pockets; increases critical chance when attacking undetected with this skill
  • Speech: Governs how you can influence someone during dialogue and gain access to info
  • Unarmed: Determines Melee Damage
  • Perks:
  • Daddy’s Boy: Gains an additional 5 points in science and medicine skills.
  • Gun Nut: Obsessed with guns; an additional 5 points to the small guns skills and repair skills
  • Intense Training: Add a single point to any of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes
  • Lady Killer: 10% damage against female opponents, plus unique dialogue with them as well
  • Little Leaguer: 5 points of melee weapons and 5 points of explosives skill
  • Swift Learner: 10% in total experience points
  • Thief: With each rank of Thief Perk you gain an immediate 5 point bonus to sneak and lock-pick

Worth a read, a few “new” pics too. Thanks summer.


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