A Warning And Some Violence

Australian IGNXBox360 reminds us of two important things to take into consideration regarding the Fallout 3 ban down under:

Also worth noting, for people considering a foreign copy of Fallout 3 on PC and PS3, we have some bad news; you may run into legal issues. The OFLC’s guidelines on the importation of games restrict buyers from importing games with drug-related content:

“The Classification Board may advise that importation or exportation of items should not be allowed if they:

  • in relation to a computer game – are unsuitable for a person under 18 to see or play; or
  • promote, incite or instruct in matters of crime or violence; or
  • promote or incite the misuse of a drug specified in Schedule 4.
  • Like importing any other banned game or film, you take the legal ramifications of the process into your own hands. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    It also appears that the board was already leaning towards an MA15+ rating, based on the graphic nature of the violence in the game:

    “In the minority review of the Board the violence throughout the game is strong in playing impact and warrants an MA15+ level of classification with the consumer advice of strong violence.”This indicates that the drug-related content is the only feature currently holding the game back from local classification. Bethesda would need to alter the presentation and labelling of the Chem system (Morphine in particular, according to the report) in Fallout 3 – a process that may or may not prove too involved for the limited scale of the Australian market. We can only hope that Bethesda side with gamers, and this unfortunately means bowing to governmental pressure in this instance.

    I spotted this at GamePolitics. There’s also a podcast at Australian gamer discussing these issues.


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