Breaking News:Fallout 3 Banned In Australia-It’s Official


Yes, the rumour was true. The Office of Film and Literature Classification has handed an RC to Bethesda’s Fallout 3, making it illegal to sell the game in Australia. It’s not known at this stage if the ban was for drug use, as the original rumour states, or gore as I was predicting.

Thanks Logan, we’ll keep you aussies posted on any developments.


8 thoughts on “Breaking News:Fallout 3 Banned In Australia-It’s Official

  1. Wow, never though this was really going to happen!

    I guess this are bad news for Bethesda, but they also can exploit this to benefit them.

    At least they will get even more media attention…

  2. Splatter Survival Genre

    Briosa’ the ‘gore’ as a banning issue transcends prurient interest.
    Plot behind the plot.
    Splatter as a means …, or splatter for splatters sake.

    B-soft’s FO3 may have profiled itself into a marketing corner,
    by enhancing the ‘Bloody Mess’ trait
    into it’s number one role – slaying – perk.
    Bloody Mess sets the blender to liquify with chunks!

    The full frontal,
    bloody red hamburger flinging of the ‘Splatter Survival Genre’,
    may have to wait a skipped heart beat or two
    before the Aussies can get a side order of
    lower intestines with the pureed protein.

    Great graphic lead for Down Under machinations –
    Mad Max and Dogmeat!


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