Polish PSX Extreme Preview and a Note From Emil

Thanks go to Ausir for sending us a summary of Polish PSX Extreme magazine preview of Fallout 3:

The July issue of the Polish PSX Extreme magazine has a Fallout 3
preview, based on the same London demo as all other recent previews in
Polish press. While the previewer (Bartosz “Zax” Dawidowski) is
completely sold on Bethesda hype (“Fallout 3 will ensure an
unprecedented level of immersion in a virtual world. And it will do it
with such class that it can be rated pretty much only in comparison to
itself”), he is also fairly competent about Fallout and Fallout 2.

Aside from the preview itself, there is also a frame about the Polish
Bethesda concept artist, Adam Adamowicz, and a short interview with
Pete Hines.

Some interesting bits:
* At 16 we select our perks – e.g. Bloody Mess or Good Speaker. Pete
didn’t want to say what the rest of the perks will be.
* No word on whether children will be killable – when asked, Pete was evasive.
* No romances.
* The enemies are the most frightening in the history of RPGs and the
game can be treated as a survival horror.
* We will often have problems with lack of clean water or food. The
Geiger counter will sound pretty often. Hines says that when he plays
the alpha at home, he is pretty much never fully healed – he’s always
either wounded or radiated.
* Eating food is not mandatory, but food increases your HP. However,
you should look out for radiated food. Sometimes you will have wonder
whether to eat radiated food, even with low HP, since the consequences
of radiation are even worse.
* Radiation is a much bigger problem in FO3 than in previous games. It
drastically decreases your combat abilities, and can even lower your
skills permanently.
* Destructability of the environment will be unprecedented for RPGs.
* There will be around 50 different weapons.
* While we’ll be able to find e.g. Power Armors early on, they will be
in pretty bad condition (low CND bar) and will require extensive
repairs or will get broken quickly.
* The role of Charisma is lower than in previous games, Fallout is
relies on combat much more than FO1 and FO2. However, we’ll be able to
use stealth throughout most of the game.[Brios:see the note in the end]
* Many weapons can be constructed based on schematics.
* If you have your weapon on your shoulder, you can run and the NPCs
are not aggressive. If you equip it, you can only walk.
* Jumping has no influence on the combat system, it’s just for
avoiding some obstacles.
* Enemies will not adjust their levels to that of the player. If you
come to a certain place when your level is too low, you’re expected to
* There is no gambling, you cannot participate in slaver raids nor
guard caravans.
* No locations are randomly generated. However, depending on which way
you’ll head, some scripted events will appear there, e.g. you will
encounter Dogmeat early on regardless or where you go.

Regarding Charisma Emil Pagliarulo made a correction:

If you want to sweet talk your way through situations, a high Charisma is definitely valuable. As is, of course, a high Speech skill.
There’s a ton of dialogue, as has been mentioned before. Lots more to say to individual people (true conversation trees), and lots of opportunities to talk your way through quests/gameplay situations.

Again thanks Ausir.


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