Huge CD-Action Fallout 3 Preview

Ausir deserves a medal for this, he made this summary of the Polish CDAction Fallout 3 hands on gameplay preview:

A summary:
* As far as locations and content go, the game is finished. Bethesda is mostly doing QA now. There are still some bugs and the game crashes from time to time.
* They had a predefined character – a strong male.
* They were told to steer clear from the main quest and were not allowed to talk about what they saw of it in the preview.
* To make escape from Vault 101 easier for the purposes of the preview, guards were removed.
* The game can be saved at any moment, and it’s pretty quick.
* We leave the Vault with a PipBoy, a pistol, some ammo and a holotape with a message from the father
* Ammo is scarce and it’s best to fight weaker opponents hand to hand.
* They go to Megaton by following a sign in Springvale showing the way to the town
* In Springvale, the Sputnik Eyebot was hovering over the street, broadcasting a speech of the Enclave president
* Megaton looks like a Wild West town. We have a good sheriff, and an evil saloon owner. The saloon has a prostitute, but she tells the player character that he’s too young to use her services.
* We are informed that our Karma has changed after the fact. We also don’t see any numbers – we just see e.g. a Vault Boy with angel wings and a “Saint” description. The developers intentionally hid the numerical value of your Karma.
* If we are caught trying to steal something, the person we tried to rob will first chase us, trying to recover his property. He won’t be happy, but usually it won’t end with a shootout, unless we already have a bad reputation. Well, it was enough to cause some trouble in Megaton for everyone to turn against us. What then? We can try putting our weapon down – if we didn’t kill anyone, the situation will calm down.
* If we, however, do have blood on our hands already, the best way out is to quickly evacuate. Fortunately, a return is possible. After a few days the emotions drop down, and entering the town does not end with bloodshed. But still, people will know about our deeds and if we cause trouble again, they won’t give us the benefit of a doubt this time.
* At first glance, it looked like they’d wanter around aimlessly. But only at first glance, thanks to the compass. Directions where we can find something interesting are marked with little triangles. We’ll learn what it is when we get there (it can be a school taken over by bandits, a cinema with car wrecks, baseball pitch with dead bodies hanging from the fence, a small settlement at an overpass or a normal town). The compass can also show the place where we have a quest to do or a navigation point we put on the map ourselves.
* At first glance, Fallout 3 looks like a typical FPS.
* You use stimpaks on specific parts of the body, as hit points are divided among them.
* While throwing grenades and during hand-to-hand combat, while you can use VATS, you can’t aim at specific parts of the body
* Choice of gender has been marginalized and its importance will be minimal.
* Lots of blood and profanity. Body parts can be disintegrated or vaporized, depending on the weapon.
* The PC version has the same interface as the X360 one, but adjusted to the use of mouse and keyboard. It works much better than Oblivion’s. Both the PipBoy and the VATS work well with the mouse.
* You can assign hotkeys to items – e.g. weapons or stimpaks.
* Even with standard settings, the game looks better on the PC than on the 360 – better textures and longer line of sight.
* The lockpicking minigame is similar to the one from the Thief games.

Conclusion: “Is it Fallout? If you expect the same experience as before, it’s safer to just play the previous games. But if you just want the brutal, post nuclear world, freedom and atmosphere, what I was shown is no worse than in the first Fallout. And it’s the best recommendation I can give after a few hours of playing.”

The accompanying screenshots are mostly the same as in the PSM3 article. The only one I think is new is a female raider in VATS. The rest are Fusion Flea Supreme, a roughly humanoid robot (in the bottom right of the robot concept art) with guns for arms, wheels for feet and a star on its chest, the Vertibird and some others we’ve seen dozens of times before.


July 14 at GT-Updated-Make It 11 Instead

Starting July 14 check GameTrailers for their E3 coverage, some Fallout 3 surprises are to be expected.

Thanks anonymous through Meebo.

Update: Jaylee found this and posted it at the Bethsoft forum, seems Friday will see the first glimpse of the Fallout E3 trailer:

SpikeTV and GameTrailers have announced that they have teamed up to provide gamers with “E3 Invasion.” E3 Invasion will be a week along and have both online and on-air high-definition programming. According to SpikeTV and GameTrailers, they will also have “blockbuster world exclusives that will air before E3 even opens to the media.” According to the press release, these world exclusives will include “Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, Prince Of Persia, Resistance 2, Rock Band 2, The Next Game From BioWare, UFC 2009 Undisputed And Many More Surprises”

Programming highlights after the jump.

The E3 Invasion programming highlights on Spike TV are as follows:

Friday, July 11 (1:00 – 1:30 AM, ET/PT)

“GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley” (GTTV): E3 Preview

Three days before Xbox hosts its E3 press conference, GTTV heads to Epic Games in North Carolina to meet lead designer Cliff Bleszinski for a sneak preview of Gears of War 2, including world premiere footage from the campaign and multiplayer modes. Then, Spike presents world premieres of some of the biggest titles at E3, including the exclusive sneak peek at the E3 trailer for Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 3; the global debut of Harmonix and MTV Games’ Rock Band 2 game footage; Amanda MacKay visits ThatGameCompany to reveal Flower for the PLAYSTATION3; Spike unveils the next playable faction in Warhammer 40,000™: Dawn of War II; and, in a not to be missed event, GTTV presents the world exclusive reveal trailer for the next game from BioWare.

Polish PSX Extreme Preview and a Note From Emil

Thanks go to Ausir for sending us a summary of Polish PSX Extreme magazine preview of Fallout 3:

The July issue of the Polish PSX Extreme magazine has a Fallout 3
preview, based on the same London demo as all other recent previews in
Polish press. While the previewer (Bartosz “Zax” Dawidowski) is
completely sold on Bethesda hype (“Fallout 3 will ensure an
unprecedented level of immersion in a virtual world. And it will do it
with such class that it can be rated pretty much only in comparison to
itself”), he is also fairly competent about Fallout and Fallout 2.

Aside from the preview itself, there is also a frame about the Polish
Bethesda concept artist, Adam Adamowicz, and a short interview with
Pete Hines.

Some interesting bits:
* At 16 we select our perks – e.g. Bloody Mess or Good Speaker. Pete
didn’t want to say what the rest of the perks will be.
* No word on whether children will be killable – when asked, Pete was evasive.
* No romances.
* The enemies are the most frightening in the history of RPGs and the
game can be treated as a survival horror.
* We will often have problems with lack of clean water or food. The
Geiger counter will sound pretty often. Hines says that when he plays
the alpha at home, he is pretty much never fully healed – he’s always
either wounded or radiated.
* Eating food is not mandatory, but food increases your HP. However,
you should look out for radiated food. Sometimes you will have wonder
whether to eat radiated food, even with low HP, since the consequences
of radiation are even worse.
* Radiation is a much bigger problem in FO3 than in previous games. It
drastically decreases your combat abilities, and can even lower your
skills permanently.
* Destructability of the environment will be unprecedented for RPGs.
* There will be around 50 different weapons.
* While we’ll be able to find e.g. Power Armors early on, they will be
in pretty bad condition (low CND bar) and will require extensive
repairs or will get broken quickly.
* The role of Charisma is lower than in previous games, Fallout is
relies on combat much more than FO1 and FO2. However, we’ll be able to
use stealth throughout most of the game.[Brios:see the note in the end]
* Many weapons can be constructed based on schematics.
* If you have your weapon on your shoulder, you can run and the NPCs
are not aggressive. If you equip it, you can only walk.
* Jumping has no influence on the combat system, it’s just for
avoiding some obstacles.
* Enemies will not adjust their levels to that of the player. If you
come to a certain place when your level is too low, you’re expected to
* There is no gambling, you cannot participate in slaver raids nor
guard caravans.
* No locations are randomly generated. However, depending on which way
you’ll head, some scripted events will appear there, e.g. you will
encounter Dogmeat early on regardless or where you go.

Regarding Charisma Emil Pagliarulo made a correction:

If you want to sweet talk your way through situations, a high Charisma is definitely valuable. As is, of course, a high Speech skill.
There’s a ton of dialogue, as has been mentioned before. Lots more to say to individual people (true conversation trees), and lots of opportunities to talk your way through quests/gameplay situations.

Again thanks Ausir.

Next Gen Anticipation

GamesRadar/NextGen also place Fallout 3 as their most anticipated game of E3:

Fallout 3 shows great evolutionary leaps every time it’s displayed for public viewing, with recent revelations—the childhood simulating character creator, the 500 endings—being particularly fascinating. Now that it’s coming precariously close to its announced release date, this E3 should represent the game’s biggest showing yet. If there are any surprises left in the title to announce, expect them to get announced at some point during the week. But even if there aren’t, Fallout 3 has already proven itself to be a sprawling, ambitious project that anyone in the gaming audience would wait to spend more time with.

IGN Anticipates a Good E3

I’ve already talked about IGNXBox360 making Fallout 3 their most anticipated game of E3, now it’s time for IGNPC to do the same:

It’s been over a decade since the first Fallout released and any who played it have likely been keeping a close eye on Bethesda. The developer best known for its open-world Elder Scrolls RPG series made some controversial decisions with Fallout 3’s design, most notably moving it into a first-person perspective. Those concerned whether or not the “spirit” of Fallout has been retained or lost will have to wait until the game’s release date, which at this point remains nebulous. We can say so far Fallout 3 is certainly looking pretty, has some interesting ideas, and seems to retain some degree of humor in the dialogue and game world. We’ll bring you more at E3.

And IGNPS3 also puts the game in their most anticipated list:

Why it’s hot: Take the massive world, tons of characters, near-endless quests and character creation of Oblivion and then drop a nuke on the whole mess. The result, if done right, leaves an irradiated wasteland full of mutants, ghouls, fallout shelters and the kind of good vs. evil vs. survival that Bethesda is known for, but in a setting all too familiar to PC gamers.

We’ve seen Fallout 3 a couple of times now, and every time we do, we want to see more, which is always a good sign. Improvements over Oblivion are numerous, though, from an updated engine to more traditional leveling up to characters that don’t look like space aliens. Well, not unless they’ve seen a bit too much radiation.

Spotted at the BethBlog.