Full List Of Skills In Fallout 3

Finally we have the full list of Skills in Fallout 3, courtesy of Emil Pagliarulo:


Small guns
Big guns
Energy weapons
Melee combat

Yes, Speech is in, and Emil also said the Galaxy News Network DJ is called “Three Dogs”, different from what PSM3 was reporting.

And about the possibility to talk to a few Supermutants he had this to say:

Well, there’s only so much I can talk about, and I don’t want to turn this into a QA session, BUT… anything is possible, right? It’s a big Wasteland, after all…


2 thoughts on “Full List Of Skills In Fallout 3

  1. Thats it?

    * 6 combat skills: Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Unarmed, Melee Weapons, Throwing.
    * 8 active skills: First Aid, Doctor, Sneak, Lockpick, Steal, Traps, Science, Repair.
    * 4 passive skills: Speech, Barter, Gambling, Outdoorsman.

    Those were the skills in fallout 2…. so we need steal, traps, gambling, outdoorsman? I figured they would build on that…. they did drop some rather useless ones… but……

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