Drooling Over Fallout 3

Houston Chronicle has a list of their most anticipated PC Games, with Fallout 3:

This is the role-playing game that I’m personally drooling over. A game that is smart, darkly funny, action-packed, open-ended and immersive? Right on. Fallout 3 takes place in the 23rd century, in postapocalyptic Washington, D.C. Game play will be somewhat akin to the real-time RPG Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion by the same developer.

Fallout 3 adds a strategy element by allowing the player to pause the real-time action in order to set up targeted attacks, then plays them out in slow-motion and in gory detail. Players can also control more than one character at a time, and nonplayer characters are expected to exhibit a high level of autonomy and intelligence. Fallout 3 is expected in late 2008.

Spotted on the Fallout 3 site.


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