A message from Ashley Cheng:

Dear Blizzard,
Please forgive me.


Also this:

So about this post. You know the one. I have nothing more interesting really to say about it. I would, however, like to thank Tom Chick’s Fidgit — a blog that never disappoints — for nailing what was really going on (see his last sentence).

The upside to this is that I do have a new forum sig now –

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a guy with a Cars blog that he started last month who is pissed that I forgot it on my Pixar movie list and he’d like more web traffic…

Thanks Killzig for the heads up. I actually spent a part of my morning sending mails and messages for a number of blogs, so they could fix Ashley’s name, everyone was calling him “Chung”. Crazy.


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