Mutant Chronicles: Let The Fans Decide

This is off topic, but it has to do with our beloved Ron Perlman and a post-apoc flick, so here it goes, from Quiet Earth:

We’ve been waiting on news of this film for ages now, and it turns out that reports of the film being pretty bad might actually be true. Why? It’s getting a screening at the San Diego Comic Con and Ron Perlman told reporters that they’ll be asking fans “how to make it better”. “We’re trying to get [it] to the marketplace,” Perlman said in a group interview in Beverly Hills, Calif., on June 30 while promoting Hellboy II: The Golden Army. “In fact, we’re going to have a screening of it at Comic-Con [in San Diego on July 26] and allow the fans to sort of have their input as to what the movie does well and what it needs work on.”

Quite unusual, if you live near San Diego maybe you can help out and later gives us a rundown on what happened?


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