Fallout 3 Greek Style

No Mutants Allowed is reporting that there’s a Fallout 3 preview at Greek magazine PCMaster, and Flamescreen provided us with a translation:

Q: Can you estimate total playing time including sub-quests?
Hines: At this point to fully complete the game you’d need to spend over 100 hours.

Q: Do you intend to create a Fallout 3 that will be…mod-friendly? In other words provide people with the toolset to experiment on?
Hines: We have not yet decided on this. Right now, we have not announced any plans for the tools issue. It takes time to perfect a toolset in order for it to be usable by players and so far we didn’t have time, working on the game itself.

Q: There is a sensitive issue attracting the attention of many; the presence(or absence)of children as NPC’s. The impact on game’s rating is a given(especially if the player will be able to chop kiddies in half through critical hits). How are you handling that?
Hines: There are, in fact, children in the game. How we’ll handle them on game is a matter we haven’t concluded on yet.

Q: Can you name the various guilds and factions of the game? Will they work like the ones in Oblivion?
Hines: There are many groups and factions that you shall meet in your way…Super Mutants, Slavers, Brotherhood of Steel, enclave and others. These are groups you shall meet and will have to make choices on how you will interact with – but htey’re not factions that you can join and increase your rank.

Q: We’re curious regarding how stats work during a first person battle. For instance if the player is, say, half a meter away of the target and shoots, will it be possible to miss for some mysterious reason, just for having low stats?

Hines: Your stats and weapon you use, will definitely affect your efficiency during battles.
How often you hit your target, damage done, all that stuff has to be affected up to a point by the character you made.The factor of that influence is something we’re very concerned about at this phase. We’re playing the game ourselves and watch what seems to have the best, most “normal” feeling.

In a possible scenario you’re referring to, well, you’d hit the target most times, but you wouldn’t damage them so much. The goal is the numbers to have a meaning in a way that seems logical to the player.

This is only from the interview with pete Hines, there’s more at NMA.


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