Fallout 3 and Diablo 3 Invictus Style

Fansite BlizzardGuru, a place created by my friend Sol Invictus, jumped to the DiabloIII vs. Fallout 3 discussion with some pretty controversial stuff:

I used to like Bethesda, it being the developer of Morrowind and all. Over the past few years however, Bethesda progress upwards as a “pretty good” game company came to a grinding halt, and its progress is now somewhere between stagnant and half past dead. Still, there’s a growing sense that someone at that company forgot to take Ritalin the morning they announced that isometric games are dead and that PC gaming is dying.

To confirm their position on the manner, Bethesda has:

* Completely reimagined Fallout to look like a Post-Nuclear version of Oblivion, much to every gamer’s chagrin
* Pissed off the majority of their fan base with ignorance, arrogance and misunderstanding of the Fallout franchise
* Signed shoddy deals with game journalists (what journalists?) to limit the flow of information with regards to Fallout 3
* Compounded their mistakes with lies towards the fan base about how the game isn’t anything close to being “Oblivion with guns”, despite the fact that several of those “journalists” confirmed that the game does indeed feel that way.
* Had a guy who has no idea what he’s talking about represent the company

And there’s more, now about Ashley Cheng’s views on Diablo III:

It’s certainly a nice attempt to backpedal on his negative comments about the game by citing World of Warcraft’s addictive nature, but one can only surmise that his reference to the Diablo 3’s so-called “conservative” design is due to its lack of a first person perspective, as is often touted as a ‘feature’ of the upcoming Fallout 3; a ‘feature’ that nobody even asked for.

Bethesda calls Fallout’s design outdated, while converting Fallout 3 to the same basic design they’ve been using since Arena in 1994.

Update: In case you had any doubts about Ashley’s meaning, these are some thoughts on his Twitter account posted last year, when Starcraft 2 was announced:

starcraft 2 looks great, wish blizzard deviated more, try ground control/battlezone first person gameplay. more thoughts on blog later.

That’s right. Ashley Cheng wants Starcraft 2 to have a first person perspective.

Spotted at NMA.


One thought on “Fallout 3 and Diablo 3 Invictus Style

  1. Well he has a point. he thinks its pretty cookie cutter with a different theme. which is a serious risk here. i mean who wants oblvion w/ radiation?

    i think they’ll do it as best they can though.

    it does have me wishing that blizzard was making fallout 3 though…

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