A Sleeper Hit

Gamer.Blorge puts Fallout 3 on their Four Sleeper Hits for 2008 list:

Brought to you by the developers of the acclaimed Oblivion, which went on to sell over 4 million units, a smashing success. Fallout 3 is extremely promising, taking place in the post-apocalyptic era with war torn buildings and mutated freaks running around, it’s your goal to kick butt and take names. According to the developers you can play this game as a TPS with RPG elements, or you can play this game like an old school RPG using V.A.T.S, which is a mixture of real time and turn based battle system like your Final Fantasy XII. V.A.T.S shows an enemies vital parts and shows how much HP each part have. V.A.T.S, throws in a strategic element on how you should attack an enemy or a overgrown gigantic mutated freak trying to cannibalize you.
Also, there are consequences to what decisions you make expanding on the story of side quests. For example there is one quest where you can choose to save a city, and if you are successful it ties in to another quest. However, if you fail and the city gets destroyed you get a quest that takes you to another city which otherwise you would have never been able to get to if you did not fail the previous quest.

I know, things are indeed a bit slow these days. Spotted on the Fallout 3 official site.


4 thoughts on “A Sleeper Hit

  1. Maybe it is a “sleeper” for PS3 people? Although with all the Press I don’t see how…
    I just stick to PC games and I have never even heard of “Resistance 2, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift and Little Big Planet” before that article. Think I “may” have heard of Resistance 2 in a related article but the other two are complete sleepers to me.

  2. I have heard of the first two. Little big Planet reminds me of Little Big Adventure.

    Fallout… I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it. Or wait, is Fallout that racing game?

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