They Are Gone Now

Oh well those nice shirts inspired by Fallout 3 were taken down from CafePress, karnieopt explains why:

They were bunched in with the other shirts and merchandise which are legitimately for sale, and all marked up together, and I never went back to adjust it. That was an oversight on my part. As for the copyright, I’ve only technically seen that logo as avatars, and couldn’t find any reference to it being a copyrighted image. Nonetheless, they have been taken down out of respect to Bethesda. If Bethesda were to grant me permission to use the artwork, I’d be more than happy to promote the game and put the shirts back up online for anyone to purchase. Otherwise they are not available.

Thanks for clearing that up karnieopt. In other CafePress news there’s a T-Shirt there for sale bearing sg.toxic’s famous anti-Fallout 3 drawing, displayed on top of this blog post, I wonder who was the naughty boy that put it there…


4 thoughts on “They Are Gone Now

  1. Oh, come now… how are THESE allowed? So shirts promoting the game and/or neutral (which look DAMNED good, mind you.. I just got mine) are banned by Zenimax, but anti-Fallout shirts against Bethesda are OK?? I’m dumbfounded by the corporate mind…

  2. How are you dumbfounded? The previous shirts just used logos and other images from Fallout, this shirt takes the design and changes it in a parody. Parodies are perfectly legal even when they take existing copyright images and make minor changes. I mean, that’s mostly the definition of a parody.

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