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NMA is reporting that Australian Gameplayer started a week of Fallout 3 articles and interviews. So I was reading the beginning of their first feature, something like this:

Welcome to our Fallout week: every day we will be releasing some new editorial on Bethesda’s amazing new post-apocalyptic action RPG, including new screens, new interviews and new impressions from the latest build only just show to us. Enjoy…

Change is just about as inevitable as things come. You can no more escape the winds of change than you can escape time or death, and all these things are interlinked. Our finite existence necessitates change. Death, rebirth and a new world revolving in never-ending cycles that will outlast humanity. Yet we resist change. We fear it. Our blinkered view of our own permanence forces us to see the world and ourselves as unchanging, or at least slow-moving.

Neither could be further from the truth, but still we resist, even down to the smallest and most insignificant of matters. Of course, to those who fight change these things are not insignificant, and there are few stalwarts more dogged and unrelenting than PC RPG fans.

Fallout is a game series with some of the most rabid and dedicated fans around. They’re an intimidating bunch when they get riled, and the future of their beloved game is the most likely topic to get their ire brewing. Such was the case when Bethesda perpetrated the heinous crime of purchasing the rights to the Fallout franchise (first just sequels 3, 4 and 5, and then the whole caboodle) in July 2004.

The fan reaction at the time couldn’t have been more negative. Numerous petitions were started, forums turned into walls of fire and Bethesda was attacked from all corners for daring to think it could make a Fallout game. At this time, Bethesda had recently released The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind to great acclaim from its own fan base, but this did nothing to appease the mutant-hating masses. The great fear seemed to be that Bethesda would stoop to making Morrowind with guns, essentially ripping its tried-and-tested Elder Scrolls template and putting some post-apocalyptic tinsel around it.

This wasn’t helped by Bethesda’s initial statement upon taking up the game: “Bethesda’s proven expertise in this genre, building on our experience and the tremendous success we have enjoyed with our cutting-edge Elder Scrolls series, will enable us to create the next chapter of Fallout that is worthy of the franchise,” said Vlatko Andonov, president of Bethesda Softworks, at the time.

Well right from the beggining this sounded familiar to me. And yep, after digging through my magazines I found an old 360 magazine, from the UK, with this article. They really shouldn’t be saying this is new stuff, since it’s a piece a few months old already, from the April issue, released in March. Don’t know why they don’t credit the 360 magazine either.


3 thoughts on “Old New Stuff

  1. Cut And Paste, It’s All Eye Candy

    This is one of those eXXtreme marketing web sites.

    The text is a lure to get ”a reader” to click through nine web pages.

    It’s taking too long to READ the whole text,
    so I’m all too aware of the ads I must load.

    Aware of the manipulation.

    Why should I bother after 4 pages?

    Saw all the ads!

    The text is just a hook for the literate.

    It might be refereed to as ‘intellectual eye candy’,
    but such cut and paste defacto plagiarism is just too boring,
    and the whole presentation — insulting
    to those who can think – read, and chew gum, at the same time.

    And, being talked down to about ‘change’
    while Bethesda’s second hand smoke is blown in my face,
    please, don’t want.
    Got it first person from our favorite ‘star(s) of the morning’,
    Peter and Todd!

    I prefer to have Briosa’ and BN be my band width gate keepers,

    my ‘rose colored glasses,’

    for culling the sh-t from the shine-ola on the ‘net!

    Thanks! 😉


  2. The text is a lure to get ”a reader” to click through nine web pages.

    It’s taking too long to READ the whole text,
    so I’m all too aware of the ads I must load.

    Aware of the manipulation.

    Why should I bother after 4 pages?

    Saw all the ads!

    Eheheheh true that. Well since the articles are being released for free I think i did some really bad business about buying the mag in March.

    Oh well.

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