Fallout 3 Stuff at CafePress

Ok this material showed up on CafePress for sale, it’s Fallout 3 “inspired” as you can see. We’ll see what Bethsoft will do about that.

Thanks karnieopt.


7 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Stuff at CafePress

  1. they really cant do anything about them using the font…. maybe they can do something about the vault-tec thing if they copyrighted that.

    but the blue 101 shirt is outta their hands.

    “The following are examples of works not subject to copyright and applications for registration of such works cannot be entertained: (…) typeface as typeface” 37 CFR 202.1(e).

    House of Representatives report accompanied the new copyright law when passed in 1976: “The Committee has considered, but chosen to defer, the possibility of protecting the design of typefaces. A ‘typeface’ can be defined as a set of letters, numbers, or other symbolic characters, whose forms are related by repeating design elements consistently applied in a notational system and are intended to be embodied in articles whose intrinsic utilitarian function is for use in composing text or other cognizable combinations of characters. The Committee does not regard the design of typeface, as thus defined, to be a copyrightable ‘pictorial, graphic, or sculptural work’ within the meaning of this bill and the application of the dividing line in section 101.” H.R. Rep. No. 94-1476, 94th Congress, 2d Session at 55 (1976), reprinted in1978 U.S. Cong. and Admin. News 5659, 5668.

    The U.S. Copyright Office holds that a bitmapped font is nothing more than a computerized representation of a typeface, and as such is not copyrightable:

    I had an issue with this on theofftopic.com and had to do a little digging when i was told i stole a logo that id never seen before.

  2. These were not really meant for public use, I created and used the designs to make shirts for me and a few friends who are fans of the game. They have since been taken off the site; I am a huge fan of and have the utmost respect for Bethesda and their work; it was not my intention to infringe upon their rights.

  3. Karnie,

    If that were the case why’d you mark up the prices? It’s been a while since I logged into cafepress but IIRC, the t-shirts should be about 16.99…

    Even so, the use off copy-righted material is strictly verboten by
    cafepress.com’s terms.

  4. They were bunched in with the other shirts and merchandise which are legitimately for sale, and all marked up together, and I never went back to adjust it. That was an oversight on my part. As for the copyright, I’ve only technically seen that logo as avatars, and couldn’t find any reference to it being a copyrighted image. Nonetheless, they have been taken down out of respect to Bethesda. If Bethesda were to grant me permission to use the artwork, I’d be more than happy to promote the game and put the shirts back up online for anyone to purchase. Otherwise they are not available.

  5. Well, whether it is or not, an agent for Zenimax contacted Cafepress about the images, who in turn put a hold on them. This was after they were already taken off the site. I assume I have my answer as to whether Bethesda grants me permission to use them.. =) You would think they would be happy with free publicity and someone promoting their game, especially since they’re not producing shirts of their own (hence not losing any money in the process), but hey, it’s not for me to say. I’m still anxiously awaiting my Survival Edition!

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