Global Fallout 3

Portuguese mag BGamer has a special feature on Fallout 3, very detailed, but with nothing really new except a new image of Megaton, with a NPC, the Saloon and the crumbling town. Very atmospheric.

Fallout 3 is in the cover of this edition, the 10th anniversary one, since it got the most votes from the people that goes to their site. Gears of War 2 is the alternate cover.

Outside of the Fallout 3 range Chris Avellone is interviewed, that’s always interesting.


I also got the May edition of UK’s PCFormat, with Fallout 3 on the cover and a huge feature. It reads like a publicity pamphlet, not very interesting, but the rest of the mag was good, I guess.


Finally I also got French mag Joystick, also with a cover, a preview, and an interview with Emil Pagliarulo and Todd Howard. They hated having to go to all that cinematic moments in VATS, or how you can’t gain XP with sneak, but all in all they are very impressed with the “immersion” of the game.


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