Bethesda Blog: Todd on X-Play Part Two

The full interview with Todd Howard that went up on air yesterday in X-Play.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


3 thoughts on “Bethesda Blog: Todd on X-Play Part Two

  1. I really hope that they get rid of that stupid creatures leveling up as you level up thing. That part really made the game easy.

    The fact that he talked about that was encouraging. I remember meeting a supermutant too early int he game in an earlier one……glad i saved right before hand

    cant wait to kill “1000s and 1000s of things”

  2. Morowind and Oblivion had level scaling and it made the game HARDER.

    FO 1-2 didn’t have scaling(at least in the sense of TES) they used another means to balance out levels.

  3. I didnt think it made the game harder.. i thought the opposite. sure i could start off witha tough mission and go back to an easy one had they not done it….. instead they made it so that all the levels were of average difficulty.

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