CD-Action Talks Fallout 3 in Polish

Polish magazine CD-Action has a new Fallout 3 preview, Ausir sent us a brief summary:

“It looks like Fallout 3 will actually hit the stores in autumn, and… it won’t be a bad game. The question is whether it will be Fallout as I would like to see and remember it.”

Some bits:
* The game was quite complete and stable;

* It won’t be “Oblivion with lasers” – Pete’s knowledge of Black Isle games and respect towards them was astounding;

* The aim of Vault 101 was to house the best and brightest of the pre-war world. But now, 200 years after the holocaust, no one remembers it…;

* It’s disappointing that you can only have one companion at a time;

* Most of the weapons and armors (even power armor and turbo plasma) can be found by in early parts of the game, but they have their disadvantages;

* It will be able to finish the game with a character focused on hand to hand combat or stealth (they call Emil the “maker of the Thief series”);

* Fallout 3’s world is smaller than the one in Oblivion, but less empty;

* Fast travel between known locations, no vehicles;

* Full day and night system;

There will be more tales from the Vault in the next issue of the magazine.

Also there’s talk about a perk called Exploding Pants, which allows you to plant grenades on your opponents, but that seems not to be a perk after all, according to Gstaff:

This might have been something lost in translation. “Exploding Pants” is simply one of the things we keep track of in the game — so you get a to see the statistic of how many times you’ve done it.

Thanks Ausir.


3 thoughts on “CD-Action Talks Fallout 3 in Polish

  1. Quick Travel will be solid, thats on thing that Oblivion got 100% right.

    And CD-Action? wow, umm…. never heard of it.

  2. “And CD-Action? wow, umm…. never heard of it.”

    That’s because you’re not Polish. It’s the most popular gaming magazine in Poland.

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