Sorethumbs: Bethesda Butchered Fallout 3

sOrethumbs gives Bethsoft some pounding with How Bethesda Butchered Fallout 3:

Fallout 3 should not be considered part of the series (don’t give me the ‘crying fanboy’ comment). Of course it has the same name and features the classic PIPboy, but the title is completely superficial since the gameplay took a major turn off course.

The key reason it should be renamed is when you drastically change the rules and gameplay, you have ultimately changed the game. If Tetris was changed into a FPS, is it still Tetris or would you call it something else? GAMEPLAY IS INTEGRAL TO A GAME. So when Bethesda changes the Fallout gameplay while keeping the name, of course I’m going to say “Bethesda butchered the series.” It doesn’t resemble the rest of the series at all. Any pissed Fallout fan has the right to say so.

I’m sure it’ll still be an amazing game, I won’t argue a good game, but the game is truly not part of the Fallout series but the mutated love-child of Oblivion’s gameplay and Fallout’s storyline. So who can complain about such an awesome combination? No one…unless it teases us with the title “Fallout 3.”[…]

At least when Microsoft developed Halo Wars, a Halo RTS, they didn’t call it Halo 4. It’ because they realized it’s a different game that still uses the Halo world – Same goes for Fallout 3. Instead of FO3 they should call it “Fallout V.A.T.S.” (the added ‘Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) or Brotherhood of Steel 2. Don’t ruin a great series by mixing genres and titles.

I am extremely let down by this mutated release of Fallout 3. I was really anticipating the next Fallout after the lack of sand-boxing in Fallout Tactics. It’s hard to see your favorite game turned into such a blatant sellout. I hope somehow game companies learn from this mistake, because on the unlikely chance Diablo 3 is released as a FPS/TPS…I’ll have a stroke

PS- Obviously I’m still buying the game, but mostly because I love Oblivion (and that’s a sad reality for a Fallout fans).

Ouch. Thanks Cazsim83 at Duck And Cover.


17 thoughts on “Sorethumbs: Bethesda Butchered Fallout 3

  1. Puff lost me when he started comparing Fallout to Tetris. Fallout is about an engaging post-apocalyptic universe, while Tetris is about… blocks. I’m an old Fallout fan and can’t be more excited for Fallout 3 even with the modified gameplay, so I despise that he’s trying to speak for “Fallout fans.” C’mon, Fallout is more about turned-based combat.

    If Puff plays Fallout 3 to the end but still refuses to call it a “true” Fallout game, then he’ll actually have something to write about instead of that worthless piece.

  2. I haven’t played any of the Fallout games but that little screed even lost me when it got into comparisons with Tetris. There is no possible way to make Tetris, a very simple game based on lining up blocks in order to make rows of said blocks disappear could never be turned into an FPS. It just wouldn’t work. There is no storyline.

    Games like Fallout are incredibly complex and involve storylines. So as long as the game is staying true to the overarching storyline, it’s still part of the series.

  3. Boo f-ing hooo. Either way this was the only way this series was getting another game.

    Look at GTA 1+2 then look at GTA 3 and beyond. Thats a drastic change. Sure you still have the same basic plot (kill people, do missions, dont get busted) but you dont have the same controls or view.

    Thats basically what he is saying. FF3 and FF 10 or even FF11 are all drastically different in terms of gameplay, yet there was no outcry that they are slaughtering the series.

    Lets only hope that Fallout CONTINUES to put out games because regardless of what brand it is put out under, it still has the same basic plot (survive after a nuclear holocaust, save vault dwellers, kill mutants)

    The reason its the same game / franchise is because of what they have kept. They have kept the mutants, the ability to have people join w/you, the vaults, etc etc.

    Dont get me wrong, Id rather play a game thats more similar to the earlier fallouts, turn based and from the same angle, but alas, take what you can get.

  4. I liked Puff’s text. It had the mix of verbal pounding and almost quiet sadness I see many times on the fansites, but he thought things over a bit more. I think the title of the blogpost is distracting the critics of what’s written, there’s nothing really new there, except the fact that he’s going to buy the game anyway.

    The different title thoughts are in the range of many discussions about Fallout 3, even outside the Fallout fandom, and even from people quite hostile to the “sense of entitlement” that supposedly we have, like Kieron Gillen.

    “Can different styles of gameplay impact the narrative?” is something that has been asked since 2004, Puff’s view is entirely legitimate.

    If you say that Bethsoft people are probably angry with such a title then yeah, it’s their right of course. I hope they understand that Fallout fans also have a right to vent their frustration, and there are worse ways to do it than a well thought and heart felt article like the one Puff wrote.

    This article in conjunction with Mac’s piece, that comes from a different background and reaches completely opposite conclusions are two good ways to understand the state of affairs in the Fallout 3 world.

  5. i mean sure, Id love to see a true fallout sequel….more like what 7.62mm is doing w/jagged alliance (from the looks of it; havent read much on it, just seen some screens.)

  6. I liked the article (obviously) enough to post it, regardless of the errors in the article.

    It seems that Puff is coming from being a “regular” Fallout fan – not one of the rabid, psycho, off-putting fans that frequent a couple of fansites which shall remain unnamed.

    He (?) brought a look from what I think is a ‘softcore’ fan’s view – and although he didn’t have all his facts straight, the message is the same.

    Veracity has a point about GTA 1 and 2, compared to 3 – but seriously dude – what rabid GTA fans do *YOU* know from 1 and 2?

  7. the transition from gta 1+2 to 3 is a bit different, they built layers on top of the previous games. Added story, used a 3d engine but the murder/mayhem component was still there and somewhat improved. That’s not to say Fallout 3 is a step back, we don’t know that it is just yet, but that is the fear.

  8. As the proverb says, if you have a hammer, all your problems will look like nails. Bethesda has spent a lot of $ in a big, state-of-the-art, crossplatform, etc, etc, engine. Man, Gamebryo price isnt even listed in the official site.
    They are not going to use that big, etc, etc, engine to create an isometric game. They want you to see the excellent new particle system, so they will put nice geysers of blood in front of you and will show you how nice the shaders work in the fancy glowing ghouls, which obvioulsy you, stupid gamer, will miss if they are not right there in front of your first person eyes.

  9. I think it is funny how people are complaining about Fallout going 3d when the original Fallout (Wasteland by interplay) was mainly a text based RPG. I loved Wasteland and I felt as though Fallout was a fantastic shift to 3/4 view perspective. Now the series is evolving again and I am sure Fallout 3 will be a fantastic game. From the screens alone it is obvious that Bethesda has kept the aesthetics and imagery intact. The game play will no doubt be very different but, they have kept the turn based option as well as the targeted shot system. I cannot imagine that years from now anyone will want, or be required to play a 3/4 view game. If someone thinks that this series will suffer by adapting along side technology, they must want titles all to themselves. In fact that may be a good suggestion; start a club and design old school Fallout campaigns for each other like Wasteland Merc. What does sorethumbs want? A title styled just for him and a few buddies so they can sit in their basements, writhing there hands, and saying “My preecccioouus.”

  10. Yawn. The real point here is that this guy hasn’t played the game, doesn’t know how the aesthetic has carried over, and is really just complaining about the natural evolution of a franchise. The change between Fallout 2 and Fallout 3 only seems jarring because of the massive amount of time between releases. To paraphrase Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw: People generally have a mistaken belief that the games of their childhood were better than their modern day counterparts. Those people are wrong, and so are you.

    I’m about as rabid a fallout fanboy as you are ever going to find, and people who throw words like “butchered” around in reference to Fallout 3 make me sick. If it makes you feel better, put some duct tape over the “3” and write “Brotherhood of Steel 2” instead.

  11. Your a crying fan boy. Have you played this game? It’s great. I played the first 2 and they’re great. This should very much be part of the series. It really isn’t a series in the sense of and continuation because they are all basiclly the same thing. The game play is much better in first person and you have the option to go in third person and they kept the vats exactlly the same for fuck sake, it has the exact same noise. They stayed very true to the first 2. So just fuck ff with your crying this game is great, and hey prepare for the future .

  12. You know what… there’s one VERY distinct thing about Fallout games OTHER than the turn based attacks. Sure, it added more strategy to the game, actually it made it all strategy, having it all turn based, but it also made it sometimes impossible to get out of any given situations as you had no chance of winning or escaping. Now, where am I going with this? Well, I find that Fallout games, more than any other game, call for a need to SAVE EVERY OTHER MINUTE!!! And, having played through the whole Fallout 3 game, I found myself saving more than every other minute in some cases. Also, I like being able to do some stuff a lot different. The lock picking is more interactive, the immersion of yourself into the game was stunning, and a lot of other sweet benefits too. Mind you, there were some draw backs, like how the skills were so less specific and you were limited in what you were able to do, but I usually just forgot all about that when I am starring down the barrel of my combat shotgun, plasma rifle, Chinese assault rifle, .44 magnum pistol, or whatever other weapon I am using at the time (The Fisto! when I am feeling really bored) and seeing a huge mother f ‘ ing SUPER MUTANT starring me right in the face or starring into the barrels of the huge gattling gun that they’re carrying, and the occasional missiles being shot up my but when I was running away for dear life! Oh, and it never gets tiresome using the V.A.T.S. system and watching enemy after enemy after enemy getting blown to kingdom come and leaving a bloody splattering mess all over the floor that even the most vile of enemies stop and point at you to say, “You’re good.” XD So, yeah, it’s not the CLASSIC Fallout style, but they are keeping it alive at least. Plus, I liked the improvements, though it could still be better, I am absolutely obsessed with this installment of the series.

  13. By the way, I don’t know if anyone else plays it on the Crazy Arse Hard as Hell Difficulty level like I do… but all I have to say is this… “GOD DAMN SUPER-MUTIES!!!” >_<

  14. Well if you were any Fallout fan, you’d know that the original Fallouts were developed by Black Isle and Fallout 3 is by Bethesda. Moron. Bethesda doesn’t have to follow the previous 2 at all! Also, they don’t care about that shit, all they want is your money and a majority of folk that bought the game, haven’t played the first two and quite frankly don’t give a shit so boo hoo. And FO3 is an amazing game! So you and the other 5 people that played the first fallouts can cry all you want. 3D is the way of the future sweet heart, get used to it XP

  15. Btw, I forgot to mention earlier, you DO NOT speak for all the “True Fallout Gamers” because I am on of them and I disagree with you to a great extent. You can say I am not a true fallout gamer all you want, but here’s a juicy tid bit for you, I was a beta tester for FO2. If I am not one of the “true FO gamers” then I don’t know who is these days, by your definition the only people who are FO fans to a great extent all have to be whiney and pissy about FO3. Dude, get over it.

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