Angela Browder on Inside the Vault

From the Bethblog:

Today’s Inside the Vault is about Angela Browder, associate producer. Angela is actually a lawyer who would rather work here — though her only legal experience was working with Robber Barons and Railroad Tycoons, which actually sounds pretty cool to me. Though, I bet if you asked most lawyers, they’d rather be working on videogames.

What’s your job at Bethesda?
I am an associate producer in charge of the character artists and animators. I also look out for our sound guy and concept artist when needed. On a daily basis that means I assign tasks and bugs, work on long term scheduling, and keep tabs on making sure that people are on track with dates. I consider it a big part of my job to do what I can to make things easier for people to get their jobs done — whether this be acting as a liaison between departments, wrangling decisions from those who need to make decisions or just acting as an ear during times of frustration.

And what did she liked the most about playing Fallout?

The combat messages are one of my favorite parts as they always make me laugh. I mean, I am sure the bruise will look nice and maybe the scars will make good party talk.


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