New Fallout 3 Pictures

New Fallout 3 pictures at the official site. Megaton and PipBoy3000 are interesting, the breakdancer Supermutant is weird. Spotted on the Bethblog.


4 thoughts on “New Fallout 3 Pictures

  1. is that pic on the far right different than the old pic? I hadnt seen the other 2, but i dont really read the fallout forum.

  2. All of them have been posted before. The only news is that they’ve been added to the official site’s gallery. Don’t believe I’ve ever seen this big a spectacle made of 3 old screen shots being added to an existing gallery.

    One complaint I have about the pipboy is that the status screen doesn’t really give you any good info. Also, I guess I have to switch to the other “blades” of the pipboy to see what the penalty is on my agility/perception in the case of being hobbled/blinded?

  3. ya but the mystery is part of the fun of actually buying the game…. sure i want to know,…. sure im buying this game…. but they want to build the buzz

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