Fidgit Best Games To Come

Tom Chick makes a list of the best games we can still expect in 2008 for Fidgit, Fallout 3 is in there:

For ten years, the vault has been closed on this grim and funny post-apocalyptic saga, which presented moral choices that would make GTA blanch. Soon you can open the doors again and plunge into your own personal post-apocalypse, with the faithful Dogmeat by your side. Think S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but more polished and less Russian.

As anyone who played one of the earliest Elder Scrolls games can tell you, Bethesda has been doing open worlds before they were even possible. Now the developer is marrying the beautiful expanse of Oblivion with the refreshingly unique setting of Fallout. Detractors – and there are entire websites teeming with them – dismiss Fallout 3 as Oblivion with guns. But the joke’s on them. Who in his right mind wouldn’t think that Oblivion with guns would be frickin’ awesome?

I don’t, actually I think that would be quite disappointing.


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