TGR Fallout 3 Preview

Wrapping up their extensive coverage of Fallout 3 TGR presents us with a quite informative Fallout 3 preview:

The demo started off at the beginning of the game, before the player chooses what their character will look like and what skills they want. The amount of freedom you have while customizing is reminiscent of Oblivion. In Fallout, players can choose what race they wish to play as and customize facial features such as, eyes, mouth, ears, and chin.[…]

We picked a preset character to go through the demo. Once our character was sorted, we were given a little baby board book called ‘You Are Special.’ Players flip through the pages of this book to assign points to skills they want to be good at. It’s wise to pick skills based on how one plans on playing Fallout. For example, if one put more points towards medical skills, they will gain more health from the likes of the stim packs. If one put more points towards strength, then they will be able to carry more items in their inventory. Like Oblivion, Bethesda has been kind by allowing changes to be made to the skills and special skills before completing this section, so before closing this baby board book, one can make some final adjustments to their skills and specials set.[…]

When we went up to a female scientist, dialog options appeared on screen as to what we could say. We were told as you progress through the game and gain more skills to put towards charisma and speech, more dialog options will open; there are in fact up to 500,000 lines of dialog in the game. An example of speech skills mixing with other skill sets is the ability to talk with scientists. If you have more skill points in science and speech, one is able to speak to the scientist more, as more dialog options appear because one knows more about science. When speaking to characters, the game does show the difference in the effects of the dialog options. This will all go towards how the character is seen later on [his] life.

Something we noticed early on was the simplicity of the HUD. The on-screen interface is really pretty minimalistic and simplistic. The only things you will see on your screen are health points, action points, your compass, and some info on the weapon equipped.[…]

As the attackers did drop weapons, Dog Meat will pick it up and bring it back to you. The dog actually brings back a pipe that the attackers used to kill its owner. Pete explained that he can ask him to go find him food, tell him to stay put, or send him to the Vault 101 entrance and say, “Go wait for me there until I come and get you.” Basically, Bethesda has designed the dog to be your faithful companion, no matter how good or evil your character becomes.[…]

“Each gun has a different rate of fire,” he explained, “so for a laser rifle, which is a single shot, you can get off more shots, where these are little controlled bursts on your submachine gun. You know the Fat Man, one shot would take out pretty much all of your action points. The idea is if you go in a VATS mode, and then you come back out and you just run around like shooting, then your action points will not come back as quickly, so you cannot jump right into VATS. We keep you from like running around and pulling the trigger constantly, and always being able to go right into VATS running around. You sort of have to balance it. How much do you want to do in real time, how much do you want to do in VATS?”[…]

A nice little feature we learned was the fact that you can assign stim packs to designated limbs. You are able to cripple enemies by shooting their legs and arms, but the same can in turn be done to you. You will know when a limb is in danger by way of a flashing red icon at the top right hand of the screen.

What’s great about Fallout 3 is that you don’t always have to fight. Pete loaded up yet another save and this time, we saw a group of humans that are part of Talon Company, which is a group of mercenaries fighting against the super mutants. We were told we would see this a lot in the game, where you will come across groups of characters or creatures that are fighting amongst themselves. You have the choice to join in, just watch and see what the outcome is, or completely ignore it altogether. The choice is entirely up to the player.

Also TGR has a contest for the more curious of you guys and girls: is giving our members the chance to ask a question regarding Fallout 3 directly to Bethesda Software. All you have to do is leave your questions in the TGR Forums, and we will take them to Bethesda and get your questions answered!

Thanks John Laster from TGR.


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