And Yet More From TGR

And more coverage from TGR, first Fallout 3 bigger than expected:

While playing through the game, we were told that the game ended up “being a lot bigger than was initially planned.” When we asked exactly what he meant by that, Pete Hines responded:

“It’s a Content thing. It was one of those things like the world map is about the size that we expected but the amount of stuff that we ended up filling it with ended up being a lot more than we had originally planned.” He continued, “We are always big believers in play the game and see how it feels. And we play the game and like there does not feel like there is enough to do here, we need to put some more.”
“We are in this part of the world and like we should do something here with this and there needs to be two more quests in this town because I only have three things to do on my quest list. You know so we want you to always have you know three, four, five, six different quests that you are picking from. Like what is it I want to do now? Or multiple things you might be trying to do at the same time.”

And about XBox360 Live, Games For Windows Live, PS3 Home and replayability:

“And so you cannot actually play the game all the way through and get all of those in one play through. You have to play the game through once as one kind of character and then if you want you know, you know if you played through as the good guy and you want to get those other achievements you have to play through again and kind of be the evil guy and scoot people over and be mean to people. So it does encourage you, you know when you are playing the game trying some different stuff.”

What we didn’t expect to here was that the PC version will also be getting achievements: “We are doing achievements on the PC, we are planning to do games for Windows Live. It is not definitively in, but we are looking into doing that right now. We would very much like to offer that.”

When asked if the PS3 version will have achievements he replied, “That I do not know.” He went on to say “we are looking into doing stuff on home but I cannot tell you what exactly.”


4 thoughts on “And Yet More From TGR

  1. oh, I guess it revealed a little too much?! Was there any other new pics that you have that really no one has seen that have been taken down?

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