Fallout 3: The Al Qaeda Connection!

I always wanted to make a really sensationalist title, now I finally had the chance. If you go to Australia’s News.com site you’ll find this piece:

The FBI warning came as the US-based monitoring group SITE said the video encouraging terrorists to develop and detonate weapons of mass destruction in the US and Europe was posted on an Islamist militant forum.

SITE also released a computer-generated image, showing Washington DC in the aftermath of a nuclear attack, which reportedly appeared on an Islamist forum.

The 39-minute, documentary-style video, titled Nuclear Jihad: The Ultimate Terror, was posted on the al-Ekhlaas forum on May 25, SITE said in a statement.

“The idea of killing lots of people, this idea is available to us, and it must be used under the idea of treating others the same, so I say that terror in their countries must involve human losses and these human losses must be with WMDs,” the video says, according to SITE’s translation.

Well the thing is, as Logan Booker from Kotaku.au found out, the so called “computer generated images” are instead the Fallout 3 concept art featured on the top of this blog post. Still no word if Bethsoft is going to contact Al Qaeda in order for them to remove the copyrighted pictures 🙂

21 thoughts on “Fallout 3: The Al Qaeda Connection!

  1. I don’t feel guilty about *this*, I feel guilty about thinking it’s funny.

    Terrorism isn’t funny. Unless you’re a redneck watching a flagburner accidentally put himself on fire when burning the Americna flag.

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