Fallout 3: No Mandatory Installation on PS3

From TGR:

While being shown the Fallout 3 universe, TheGameReviews.com asked whether or not Fallout 3 would require a Mandatory Install for the Playstation 3. Bethesda responded:

“We do not do that, no. We do the put you know, put the stuff down there that we need to be there, we can stream it on in and out of there but we do not do the ‘we need ten minutes of your time.’” They went on to explain, “We will cache the same way on both (Xbox 360 and PS3) we basically just like everybody you know if you have a hard drive, it does this.” Much like how they did Oblivion.

At least Playstation 3 owners won’t have to worry about clearing space on the HDD in order to play this much anticipated release. If you’re a big Fallout fan, be sure to check back to TheGameReviews.com, as we have much more Fallout information, as well as our preview coming very soon.


3 thoughts on “Fallout 3: No Mandatory Installation on PS3

  1. Console Wars

    Third party X-Box marketers
    helped propagate the notion that 20 gig (or more?) of blu-ray disk space was wasteful,
    a useless hardware expenditure.
    Heard Ohio nephew-in-law’s teen pals parroting this ‘group think’.

    Were times when 64 k, then 640 k, were deemed sufficient for gaming.
    While X-Box 360’s dropped dead with the RED RING OF DEATH,
    let’s not worry the consumer further with technological inadequacies.

    As proved by further sales for the … PS2 … it’s the size, (quality?), of the catalogue of games that counts.

    Can the PS3 exploit this data giga-space on disk, finally?

    killzig, what other disk access tricks could Sony have rediscovered perhaps mirrored or striped RAID style entries?

    Or did it take this long to get their PS3 OS ‘together’ ?


  2. heh, a RAID with the consoles running as hot as they do would be pretty great. RROD x 100. I just had a media center die. TBs of porn, lost in the flames. Thanks for dredging up that painful memory.

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