Oh Loretta! or Fan Interview II Was Sent

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The Fan Interview questions were sent to Bethsoft, now it’s time to wait for the replies. Here is the final list, chosen by votes of the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 forum members:

1) Which of the following, if any, will be featured in Fallout3; Romance, Sex, Homosexuality, Nudity, Prostitution, Slavery, Cannibalism, Children, Child killings, drugs, addictions? And of the things that won’t be featured, can you explain why they won’t be included in the game?
2) Are children and otherwise non essential or non quest related NPC’s vulnerable or invulnerable to accidental or purposeful (deadly) harm? And how about quest essential people? Please elaborate as much as you can, especially on why you choose to do it that way.
3) Could you outline your thoughts on the matter of ensuring that choices and consequences provided by the various quests within your game are crafted so as to be more nonlinear than simply the superficial choice between “good, bad and neutral”/”affirmative, negative and nothing?” Also, will there be other aspects to choices in Fallout 3? Political? Philosophical? Exactly how far will you go with the player’s moral freedom, the “gray” solutions?
4) Are most of the non human entities in the game, of hostile intent, or can some be reasoned with, or even recruited as companions under the right circumstances…?
5) Will crimes committed in one place, automatically be known everywhere and by everyone? Or is this limited to the zone the PC committed the deed in?

6) Would you take us through a hypothetical dialog tree that demonstrates the typical choices made available to the player?

7) What can you tell us about the way Armor works, will it come as a full set or as parts, and how will it influence perception? Will there be a special HUD when wearing it?
8 ) How does the inventory system work? Is it slot based? Or a never ending back pocket like with the original games?
This question came from the IGN Beth blog and was asked by Astral Proxy:
9) Will the PC version of the game include some sort of SDK or level editor like Elder Scrolls games have? If not, might one become available via download in the future? And how about the console versions, what have you done to give them the same options PC players have?
10) How advanced will the AI of NPC’s be this time around? Are they really going to have a life? Speaking to other NPC’s in a logical manner, traveling and trading with/in faraway places, Submitting to the player rather than fighting if they know, or think, they’re no match for him?
11) How common are the ‘Dungeon’ areas, and do they play a part in the main story, or are they isolated side quests of their own with little bearing on the outside world. And regarding the creatures inside the dungeons, do they re-spawn or can players clear the area permanently?
12) From the four archetypes ( Charisma Boy, Stealth Boy, Science Boy and Combat Boy) which of these are carried over into Fallout3 and to what degree will that change the gaming experience? Will it change our starting equipment? Will the rewards and/or results of quests actually differ depending on the way you play through it or the way you play at all?
13)What will the map travel look like? A dotted line that slowly crawls towards the destination on the map, or Oblivion type fast travel? And will there be random encounters during said map travel?
14) How much diversity will there be in the factions (and structures of factions) found in Fallout 3? And what can you tell us about those factions and inter-faction politics?
15) How will the real time combat skills work? Will the chance of missing be larger as the skill is lower, or does it affect the amount of damage done? Or will this be featured in weapons swaying and/or recoil compensation?
16) What will be the Interaction between two aggressive NPC’s or creatures in regards to each other? On a scenario where a couple of ghouls and some mutants are at a close distance do they fight among each other? Do they ignore you? Do they both attack you? Will they follow you until you reach the next town?
17) How much can you tell us about the stats, skills, traits and perks featured in the game? And what skills/perks were carried over and which were dropped from previous Fallout games? And why choose the ones you did carry over and why did you not choose the ones that were dropped?
18)How far will physical character creation be able to go? That is can we go so far as to add scars and tattoo’s in player selected places? Can we decide the body type, facial appearance etc? And will stat changes or fights or anything else later in the game change that appearance?
19)Will the PC be able to crouch, kneel, lie down, and climb? And what are the benefits to that overall and in a combat situation?
20) What sort of weather effects will we be seeing and will it effect the game play in some manner (e.g. change the landscape, people get off the street to take cover etc.) or is it more or less just ‘eye candy?
21) What can you tell us about companion NPC’s? About their limits, their abilities, how everything works exactly.
22) How much will the main storyline tie into the storylines of the previous games? And how have you worked towards making it both accessible to new players and recognizable for veteran players? And do you think it will feel more like a reboot of the series or a continuation from the previous games?
23) One of the previews mentioned perception effects when you see enemies on your radar. How does the player’s Perception affect the radars maximum number of targets? Should we think of something along the lines of Counter strike, or a quest compass like Oblivion had? And if the latter, are we able to toggle it?
24) Will it be possible to finish the game using no weapons but only hand to hand combat? And when you level that skill up, do you just do more damage with the attacks you already have or do you learn different and more moves?
25) How much of a role does morale or fear play for an enemy? And how much difference is there in intelligence and combat tactics found in different enemies?

Thanks go to Gizmo and Loretta (Alexander) for the great work of compiling and editing everything. I helped too, it was fun but a lot of work.

Also my personal thanks to Blinzler, Aonaran, Sina567 and Gstaff for their contributions and advices.
My post mortem on this can be read here.


7 thoughts on “Oh Loretta! or Fan Interview II Was Sent

  1. itd be nice if they’d release screens of more than just the power armor and vault suit… I’m curious if there’ll be combat armor and if the leather armor will look like Mad Max

  2. #4 has already been answered. Same for #5. #9 remains an idiotic question. RAI-related questions are still folly. And finally, #15 has also already been answered, and not just vaguely like #4/5, but in full detail. I can explain it to you here and now, again, if you want.

    Also, you guys had meetings and shit? Man, we didn’t put half that much effort into it last time. And last time we had less redundant questions. 5/25 is quite a big redundancy %

    what a waste of effort.

  3. that’s a far sight better than what the regular press has been pushing out.


    True that.

    Though Kieron had some good questions. Still, bad answers. I stick with the attitude of “the questions aren’t the problem, the answerers are”. When they use this to vault an announcement of a mod SDK and thus show their dedication to their community, you’ll see what I mean.

  4. yeah, I hear you. Based on the pre-release promises on Oblivion I wouldn’t believe anything unless I saw it in a gameplay video.

    Speaking of gameplay videos, Ubidays is going on this week and it looks like they’re going to have some neat Far Cry 2 stuff up.

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