One To Watch At Golden Joystick

It’s the time of the year to vote on the Golden Joystick Awards:

The Golden Joysticks truly are the people’s gaming awards. Now in their glorious twenty sixth year, the Joysticks are also the oldest gaming awards ceremony in the world and the most prestigious – voted for by the only people who truly matter – gamers themselves.
From the truly humble beginnings when Radio One’s Dave Lee Travis presented the first awards, the Golden Joysticks have evolved into one of the best loved and most successful gaming awards ever with over 750,000 votes cast in 2007 as gamers from around the world lined up to have their say.

Please note only games released between July 31 2007 and August 1 2008 are eligible for this year’s awards. A full explanation of the rules and the odd exceptions can be found here.
With over 1500 games released over the past year, it’s a huge task to catalogue them all, so If you think we’ve missed anyone out, then please mail us here and we’ll update the list.

Once you’ve voted, why not head on over to the Official Golden Joysticks forum, where good natured debate is already raging on who should win, who should lose and which games deserve the ultimate accolade, a Golden Joystick.
So vote now in the Golden Joysticks, the people’s gaming awards, the only awards voted for totally by gamers themselves!

Fallout 3 is nominated on the One to Watch category. I voted for Spore on that one.


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