GamerDad and PC Fallout 3

Mike Anderson from GamerDad (I’m glad Andrew is feeling better these days) went to order Fallout 3 at GameStop, and has a few ideas to share about the endeavor:

The associate at GameStop asked “Would you like to preorder Fallout 3 for the PS3 or XBOX360″? After deciding that I would not immediately kill the kid for forgetting that this is a PC franchise we’re talking about here, I said “PC version, standard not collector’s edition”. He said ‘oh’, rather surprised, but proceeded to take my money and give me the item that was the reason I pre-ordered the game about four months in advance: a DVD case containing a large poster and what looked like a 45RPM I might have bought thirty years or so ago.[…]

There is also a poster (~16 x 20) that looks much like the box at the top, but without the ‘Games for Windows’ and ESRB label, but definitely with a HUGE Bethesda logo.

Is it worth it? Not really – I had gone under the impression that you would get a soundtrack CD and hadn’t read about the sparse sampling you actually get. The two originals are available for download from the official Fallout 3 site, and that leaves the poster that I will never hang on a wall. Then there is the whole ‘playing into GameStops evil plans’ thing. But on the other hand, I will have the game when it comes out in September.

I say kill the kid anyway 🙂


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