New Fan Interview Poll

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Go see the questions and vote:

Alexander, Briosafreak, and Gizmo have, over the last nine days, gone through the threads collecting suggestions for questions to put on the new official Fan Interview and have compiled the list, sorted it and then condensed it. There are 40 uniques left. These represent the most popular and/or most informative questions that we recorded, and that were submitted before May 18th.

There are only 20 slots [officially], and an extra 5 set aside as alternates or bonus questions.

We have decided to post a multiple choice poll, to let the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 Forum members choose for themselves what questions they value most from our list. After three days we will assemble the final draft from the top ranked questions in this poll. These will then be the questions submitted to Bethesda for the second Official Fan Interview.

We ask that you pick only 25 so that you do not dilute your vote, and so that the ones you select have a better chance at a higher ranking.

Now go on and read the poll here, and then vote.


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