Voices and Butch on Next Gen

I already talked about the piece on Fallout 3 published in the last issue of Edge, now you can read it online on the Next Gen site:

“War never changes,” grumbles ubiquitous voiceover favorite Ron Perlman in Fallout 3’s opening cinematic. Of course, the one major bugbear among diehard fans of previous turn-based Fallout games is that war has actually changed rather substantially with the coming sequel. Thankfully, as we see more and more of the game, it seems like these detractors are misguided.[…]

“This is the Vault bully, Butch, and his little cronies,” says Hines pointing at a table of youths. “They’ll start talking about how they’re forming a gang and what they want to call their gang. He wants the sweet roll that Mrs Palmer gave me, and there are a variety of different options here. I can wuss out and give it to him, I can ask him if we can share, I can spit on it and give it to him, I can tell him to go suck his head, I can insult his mom – so we give the player a lot of choices and how Butch will react depends upon these different choices, so if I choose one of these last two options he basically gets up to fight me.”

Hines instead opts to spit on the sweet roll and offer it to Butch. “I don’t want your nerd cooties,” replies Butch. “You’re going to be sorry you did that.” The choice here, says Hines, then affects how other characters view you.[…]

As for the quality of the dialogue’s delivery, Hines emphasized that all the voice-acting, apart from Liam Neeson’s turn as your father, was temporary – a point well illustrated by the distinctly gruff tones of your mother. But if there was any area in which Bethesda risks falling down it is this – The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion wasn’t a sterling demonstration of voice direction, failing to squeeze anything other than wood from Patrick Stewart or Sean Bean. Liam Neeson’s efforts here also felt a little staid. However wry or smart a script Bethesda produces, it could be jeopardized if the voice-acting doesn’t match its written standard.

That Mother’s voice is the voice of Emil Pagliarulo. You can read the rest here.


3 thoughts on “Voices and Butch on Next Gen

  1. as long as there are more than 5 voice actors…… question time why can;t they use a filter system to bumb around the tones and add in diffrent effects (gavael,slight gravel,slight speech impediment,ect,ect,ect) so they don;t all sound the freaking same…..

    Hell am Ithe only one to see the need for it and better world map randomizing stuff, FO was about surprises on the world map, static 3d o world just wont be cutting it….

  2. Bethesda should take a look at Gothic 3 and that voice acting, the game had its faults but was a lot of fun and I think handled most voices well especially crowds. Did a few nice tricks with background voices that really added to the game.

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