Fallout 3 Around The World

From the BethBlog:

While on a trip to Australia last week, I picked up the May issue of Hyper, which includes four pages where the editors talk Fallout 3 with Lead Producer Gavin Carter. Here’s a sample where Gavin discussing Ron Perlman’s contributions to the game:

“Ron Perlman’s involvement in Fallout games should definitely be made into a law! War never changes, after all. He reprises his role as the intro and outro narrator in Fallout 3 — it wouldn’t be the same without him.”

Issue #189 of Edge has a new second look at Fallout 3. Here Pete discusses an example of dialogue choices found within the game:

“‘This is the Vault bully, Butch, and his little cronies,’ says Hines pointing at a table of youths. ‘They’ll start talking about how they’re forming a gang and what they want to call their gang. He wants a sweet roll that Mrs. Palmer gave me, and there are a variety of different options here. I can wuss out and give it to him, I can ask him if we can share, I can spit on it and give it to him, I can tell him to go suck his head, I can insult his mom — so we give the player a lot of choices and how Butch will react depends upon these different choices, so if I choose one of these last two options he basically gets up to fight me.’”[…]

Over in Italy, GMC has a second look at Fallout 3 in their June 2008 (that’s Giugno 2008) issue.

In Sweden, the May issue of PC Gamer has a second-look preview on the game.

Finally, in the South American market, issue #17 of their magazine Xbox 360 includes a six-page feature — including an interview with Pete.

I didn’t get that “South American market” bit, in what countries was it released?


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