Desslock: Where Have the M-Rated RPGs Gone?

Image Van Buren team/NMA

In early 2007 PCGamer Columnist Desslock wrote some thoughts on the state of RPGs with mature themes and visuals. We now have an expanded version of that column as a featured article on this blog.

It’s thought provoking and bring us a few questions that seem appropriate for some reflexion while we wait for the M rated (but toned down in some ways) Fallout 3.

I want to thank Desslock for allowing me to publish this, now here’s a small excerpt:

Tremendous sales of M-rated shooters have demonstrated that it’s not commercial suicide to produce games with mature content. It’s a shame RPG developers seem less willing than their shooter counterparts to risk ostracism from commercial outlets like Walmart in order to produce M-rated games, when there’s no genre where such content is more appropriate.

You can read the rest here.


5 thoughts on “Desslock: Where Have the M-Rated RPGs Gone?

  1. Trends and fabs is what has damaged it, casual mentalities industry to milk a product beyond its make damn most products to whatever the zombies are playing that 2-3 year cycle.

  2. good question!!! I am now an adult, I want to play R rated games!!! lol

    People who fight against the first amendment have set it back years, as well as school shooters. Neither have helped our case.

    Its like MADD syndrome. I know people who drink and drive all the time and never kill anyone, but those idiots who drink, drive then think its a good idea to speed too who ruined it for us all.

  3. yea i wasted much too much time on mmos…. 4 yrs on ultima online, 3 or 4 yrs on EQ a few weeks on FF 11 and 2 months on WoW (free server tho)

    i realyl dont want to go back to that again.

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