Breaking News: New Fallout 3 Dev Diary

Environmental Art

New Fallout 3 Developer Diary featuring artist Adam Adamowicz:

I’m Adam and it’s my job to design for Fallout 3. Establishing the big picture for the Fallout universe as a pictorial diary, was my first task. Myself and the rest of the team pored over the lore, related our experiences playing the original, and researched everything 50’s we felt enhanced the drama, black comedy, and rich vintage sci fi that make this a truly unique game. At the end of these jams, as I liked to think of our discussions and debates, I did my best to put on paper what we had reached as a consensus. For my part, I like to feel I initially brought to the table a design sensibility that also favored ridiculous rocket flanged nuclear powered automobiles, and martini swilling characters who fight mutated horrors without scuffing their sharkskin suits. When the dust clears, I hope what you see is a mutated beast stamped indelibly with its inimitable origins. Whew.

Environmental Art

Visualizing all of the aspects of a make believe world is quite an educational experience. On any given day I could be simultaneously learning about multiple topics, from motorcycle engines to 50’s fashion design. It’s kind of like writing and filming a National Geographic documentary film for an actual sci-fi world. For this job, I think the more you read on a wide variety of subjects, the better equipped you are to create depth and realism, especially for a fantasy setting. The fantastic that’s grounded in real world elements and then elaborated and exaggerated upon, seem to work the best, and create a solid jumping off point. This often creates fertile ground for generating additional story elements that can influence costumes, machines, and even motives for the various personalities inhabiting a made up world.


In other news the Official Fallout 3 site can now be read in Russian ( and congrats to the Zenith fans).


5 thoughts on “Breaking News: New Fallout 3 Dev Diary

  1. I really don’t like the super mutants.
    Of the weapons I only really dislike the flaming sword. Although nicely designed, I don’t think it fits very well. By the way, does anyone know anything about the glove in that picture?
    Moving on to humans I don’t like the one with the goggle hat. I think if the feathers weren’t there, it would look a lot better. The helmet of the second kid from the left looks a bit out of place and not very fitting. I really like the boyscout though.
    The vault suits are OK, though I’d be happier with the old ones, just for the sake of consistency. But as the man said, it’s a 50s sci-fi thing which is OK.
    The machines are probably the best, I really like the design there.
    The environmental design is also nice, better than what they’ve shown so far.
    The robots… the robobrain and the sputnik are nice and the one below the sputnik is OK too, but the other two look too mecha, I don’t like them.
    The deathclaw doesn’t look as menacing as the old one to me. Although with the old one it was more in the imagination to me, rather than what I could actually see. So I hoped that they would replicate the old bulky one and improve on the detail and the menacing look.
    The crab man reminds me a bit of X-COM: Terror from the Deep. It looks a bit weird, but I’ll have to see the in game design to decide whether I like it or not.
    The tentacle mouth guy I don’t like. The brahmin is pretty cool, though I have to wonder if it could even walk around with an udder so big (compared to the rest of its body). The mole rats and the rest are nice as well.

    In conclusion it again seems half good half not so good. It seems to me that Bethesda has more trouble with doing characters right.

  2. I’m shocked I didn’t get a text alert for this like I did for the Zimbabwe Run Off set for June 27th.

    Brios, use these next time so we know it’s an important story:

  3. on subject: bethsoft’s continued attempts at black comedy leave me wincing. has anyone on that staff seen dr. strangelove or read any pynchon/vonnegut/etc?

  4. killzig
    Of course not there to busy creating content they have no time to research overtaken IPs properly…..

    2 things about super mutants, since they are made thinking has been neutered out even the old ones would lose their metanal activities over the years.

    They are also Frankenstein like soldiers so the deigns are not so bad, really I can stand most of the designs just wondering whats up with tentacle guy?

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