Fallout: BGE

Image Tower of Creation

I’ve already talked about Fallout: Between Good and Evil, a Fallout 2 total conversion made by the Czech modding group Tower of Creation. For those that missed it here’s what they have been up to:

Fallout: Between Good & Evil is a freely distributed modification using Fallout 2 engine.

The mod is being developed since 2005 and it aims to offer experience which Bethesda’s Fallout 3 can’t or doesn’t want to provide: prequel of events on the West Coast of US, very complex dialogues / quests and turn-based combat in 2D isometric view. Currently, more than twenty people actively prepare the game with the release date Christmas 2009. Our work should bring you back memories of Fallout, Fallout 2 PC games and will have many references to Van Buren and the Cold War.

Now my friend Jesterka sent news that they have a new update on their site, with some cool art. Must see stuff.


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