Zero Radius Games

Scott Everts/Wasteland BG

Many moons ago I’ve talked about Zero Radius Games, the board and card games venture of Fallout veterans Chris Taylor, Tom Decker and Scott Everts. Seems they are back, after some nasty problems with spam and malware:

We’re almost back up and running again on the main site, but we’ll continue to use this blog as a way of updating you with the latest news about ZRG.

Our first order of business is to re-enable the downloads of our free print-n-play games.

Our second order of business is to make more games!

Thanks… -ZRG

Chris Taylor asks for some help in figuring out something:

The old site was hacked and infested with malware. Google, rightly, marked the site has been naughty and made it much more difficult to reach. Which is a good thing.

However, we cleaned the old site (literally deleted everything) to start over from scratch. We’ve followed Google’s directions and we’re still waiting on them to review the site. However, their reviewing process is annoyingly obtuse. They say to check back later for results, but so far, there has been no feedback.

If anyone has gone through this process before and has some words of advice, please let us know. Thanks!

If anyone can help please say so, either in the comments here or on their blog.


3 thoughts on “Zero Radius Games

  1. Keep up the good work, gentleman! I’m waiting for you guys
    to kick some ass in the game world again. Hurry up and
    become the next blizzard! Need some help? I’d volunteer
    some time to help make the company great!

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