A Chat With Ryan

Photo Enlarged-original from Ryan Sears/JagBytes

Ryan Sears discusses staying ahead of curve is a conversation with a young Bethsoft and Fallout 3 World Artist:

An artist’s job tasks vary depending on what stage of production a game is in and, yes, playing the game is part of the process.

“If we’re near the beginning of a project, I’ll spend more time creating new art,” Sears said. “At the end, I’ll spend most of my time fixing bugs or issues with already created art, and I’ll often spend some of my time play testing the game.”

Daniel Lee, 26, Sears’ co-worker and former college classmate, thinks one of the reasons Sears excels at design is because he has “a good eye for color and composition” and an ability to see the big picture.

“When working on a space or a model,” Lee said, “Ryan will also take the extra step and think about how it was used, and take that into account.”

At the rate technology advances, the games of tomorrow will be beyond anything we’ve seen thus far. According to Sears, games of the future will continue to look better, but studios will also craft more unique styles and storylines.

You can read the rest at JagBytes.


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