Fallout 3 Music Composer Is Inon Zur

Image Gamasutra

From the Bethblog:

We just sent out a release announcing Inon Zur as the composer for the Fallout 3 soundtrack. Here’s a quote from Inon from the release:

Fallout 3 is one of the most engaging and demanding projects I’ve scored,” said Inon Zur. “It was very rewarding to put all my creative energy into supporting Bethesda’s vision for the game. I’m very proud of the outcome, and look forward to sharing the music with the players.

Over on the official site in the Downloads section you’ll find a couple sample tracks from the game’s soundtrack. Head over and take a listen. If you want to read more about Inon Zur check out www.inonzur.com.

Fallout Tactics composer is the one making the music for Fallout 3. Thanks Lexx at NMA for spotting this, and thanks Brother None, spot on.


3 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Music Composer Is Inon Zur

  1. Wow, that music sure has no variety. It’s all militaristic and epic, and there’s no ambient tracks at all. Oh, wait. Hm, maybe people actually WERE jumping to conclusions…

    When you start combat the music is indeed all militaristic and epic, in the demo you see combat all the time, so it’s normal that gets stuck on your head.

    I did say on Qt3 that some atmospheric tracks were supposed to appear, but weren’t confirmed. Now they are, ok.

    I hope I can only use the radio tunes though.

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