Emil Pagliarulo at the GameTheory Podcast and Next Gen

Lead designer on Fallout 3 Emil Pagliarulo talks a lot about the game and Bethsoft console centric approach to it on the Game Theory Podcast.

Next Gen has a small two pages interview based on the podcast, a few highlights:

NG: Is there any truth to some peoples’ opinion–and this is a lot of the hardcore Fallout fans that are saying this–that games like Oblivion and Fallout 3 that are targeted towards a very large console audience have been, put most cynically, “dumbed down,” or more positively, “made more accessible”? Is there any truth to that? Have you made concessions for the mass market?

Emil: It’s funny. I look at Fallout when I play it every day, and I sometimes think that there’s a lot of old-school hardcore PC stuff in there too, and part of me thinks, “God, is this too inaccessible for console players?” There’s a lot of dialogue to read, a lot of just hacking computers and looking through things like “VAT.” I don’t know. Sometimes I think it’s just the opposite. So I don’t feel like we’re dumbing down the franchise.

…I think we’re starting to find that there is a market for [hardcore “PC RPGs” on consoles]. People like myself and some people that work here actually grew up as hardcore PC guys, and now we’re older, we have kids, we don’t have that much time, so we’ve transitioned. We’re console players now.

But we still have those PC game sensibilities. Those are the games we like. So I think BioShock has a little bit of that too. You can definitely feel the old System Shock roots in that game. So hopefully there’s a trend there.

NG: What do you think of the state of the relationship between PC gaming and console gaming? Is console gaming taking away the PC gamers? I hear a lot of developers say, like you just said, hey, we’re console gamers now.

Emil: I think that may be true to a certain point. I split my time between playing PC games and console games. There is something to be said about having a console and having it being able to play anything, and not having to screw around with video settings and stuff. So there’s definitely an ease-of-use [advantage] with consoles there. I think there’s still a lot of innovation on the PC side. You’re seeing a lot of the Eastern European developers with some really great games. Look at stuff like Stalker or The Witcher. There’s innovation there. I would like to see those games get their fair shot. I think there’s really great stuff there. So [PC gamers migrating to consoles] might be happening to a certain extent in this country, but certainly not in other countries.

Spotted at Kotaku.


2 thoughts on “Emil Pagliarulo at the GameTheory Podcast and Next Gen

  1. Pagliarulo: I think it changes all the time. I think even with the release of GTA IV it has even changed again. Who knew that GTA IV would progress narrative in videogames.

    uhhh… anyone that ever played GTA III? there’s a reason this release was so hyped, their previous work which has always pushed standards forward on some level.

    I think it’s funny that the way he goes on in the second paragraph and doesn’t highlight what really makes GTA IV stand out. The fully realized city. The NPCs going about their own business, having real conversation about things in their life or happening immediately around them. etc. The city is a character in it’s own right and a very charming one at that.

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