Fallout 3 and Ubisoft

According to 4players.de Ubisoft sent out a press release announcing they will sell Fallout 3 in several European countries, including Germany, Switzerland and Austria (NMA has an a translation to English of the piece).

Bethsoft through Pete Hines clarified what that means:

Bethesda is still the worldwide publisher for Fallout 3 on all platforms, and will be marketing and distributing the title to retailers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

In some territories in Europe, Bethesda will use local companies to ship the title to retail outlets under limited distribution arrangements. This is what the Ubi announcement refers to.

Spotted at NMA, thanks Pete Hines.


7 thoughts on “Fallout 3 and Ubisoft

  1. Great news. (I am an ubisoft shareholder because I have known them to outperform the industry)

    i bought it at around 38 maybe 2 years ago, its over 100 now.

  2. from 25 to over 26.4 in a month, thats a decent return for a short term gain…. however if you sold it there would be a short term cap gains tax which would make it taxed at a higher level, but if you held it for a while then sold it, it would be taxed as if it was reg income, unless of course you had it in a roth ira, then you could do it tax free until you are 59 and start withdrawaling cash….

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