360Zine Preview And Interview

If you download 360Zine you can read a Fallout 3 preview and an interview with Pete Hines:

War. War never changes.” growls the voiceover. The Ink Spots croon I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire through a crackly wireless in a battered, ruined tram, as the camera rises to reveal a devastated Washington DC. Zooming further out, we see a gas mask-wearing brute toting a gigantic gun. Cue titles.

Opening with the series’ most iconic catchphrase, it’s clear that Bethesda have gone to some lengths to ensure that Fallout 3, while very different from its predecessors, is still very recognisably Fallout. The two PC games from the late Nineties attracted a substantial, fanatical cult following, and it’s this bunch that have been watching the game’s development as closely as they possibly can. Suffice to say that Bethesda are under pressure to appeal both to franchise veterans and create an inclusive experience for everyone.


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