New Fallout 3 Fan Interview


From the Bethblog:

Last year, once all the dust cleared from our initial unveiling of Fallout 3, we provided you guys with a chance to ask some burning questions about the game. Given we’ve just had another blitz of previews come out, we figured now was as good of a time as any to give you another opportunity.

Starting today in the Fallout 3 Discussion thread of the BGS forums, you can start suggesting questions you’d like to see answered. You can also share your questions in the comments section of this blog post, or simply by emailing us. To help make sure we’re answering the questions you guys want to know, I’ve entrusted three of our community members to help out with the process — Alexander, Briosafreak, Gizmo. If you’ve got suggestions, or think you might be able to help them out, drop them a line.

If you want your question considered, you have between now and Sunday, May 18th to post your questions through the channels listed above. Once we’ve got the final questions, we’ll work on getting answers back to you guys.

Leave your questions on the blogpost, or in this topic on the Bethsoft Fallout 3Forum, or just send them to me or the other guys.

Here’s the result of the first Fan Interview.


2 thoughts on “New Fallout 3 Fan Interview

  1. Eh.

    The Kieron Gillen interview showed the questions asked are only half the problem in interviews with Bethesda. The other half is how they tend to approach answering questions.

    Still, another good opportunity to pump for information and just that, I guess.

  2. its PR double speak,I trust no dev when it comes to facts or answers or vice versa anything to do with pre game anything MUST be questioned, I want proof or what I can pry from reading in between the lines.

    wanna place a bet? they will whine about PC piracy within a year of launch!

    if not I’ll eat my tinfoil hat…I have plenty of them 😛

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