Bethesda Expands to Asia

With a new office in Tokyo, from the Bethblog:

Thought I’d mention that we put out a release today announcing the formation of an office in Tokyo that will oversee our publishing/distribution in Japan and throughout Asia. It’s being headed up by Tetsu Takahashi (on the left in the photo above, along with Kei Iwamoto, one of our producers), who handed all the heavy lifting in publishing Oblivion PS3 and 360 in Japan last year. Really smart guy with a good team around him.

In addition to publishing Bethesda titles in Japan like Star: Trek Conquest (PS2), Star Trek: Legacy (Xbox 360), and Fallout 3 , they’re also handling games for other publishers like Bully (PS2), Bully SE (Xbox 360), and Major League Baseball 2K8 (PS3/PS2/PSP/X360).

Speaking to Next Gen Pete Hines talks a bit about this move:

Despite the Xbox 360’s poor presence in Japan, Oblivion debuted at number seven on Japanese software sales charts on Microsoft’s console.
The game was also voted as best game of the year by editorial staff at Japanese Famitsu publisher Enterbrain in 2007, beating out titles including God of War 2, Super Mario Galaxy and Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.
“…The fact that [Oblivion] was well received critically, and had the sales numbers to back it up, is a very positive sign for us as we look to expand our presence there,” Hines added.

He didn’t disclose exactly how much business ZeniMax expects to generate from its new Asian arm, as the firm is privately held.
Bethesda’s next high-profile title is Fallout 3, slated to arrive later this year in the US. ZeniMax Asia will be bringing the title to Asian territories.

Regarding the rampant piracy in Asia, Hines said it’s an issue in every region of the world, not just in the East.


One thought on “Bethesda Expands to Asia

  1. I’ll say it again the 360 needs to bring in asain devs in alrge numbers to win over asain gamers, MS needs to build a dev house that will at cost subtitle games(dubing is tricky,costly and painfull I’d rather skip it), the point of it is to get asain based games to the 360 world wide in a small amount of time, tey could do this and help the 360 fill out their lop sided library.

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