V3D Poll Results: Fallout 3 Wins

The Best Sequels of 2008 poll at VoodooExtreme has ended, and Fallout 3 won:


17 thoughts on “V3D Poll Results: Fallout 3 Wins

  1. wow. I wouldve put fallout before gta 4… but i didnt think the masses would.

    btw I bought gta last night at midnight….. gotta leave work early today i think

  2. I’m not sure what you mean by decent. It’s functional. You save at your safe house like you normally do. Otherwise some missions do have mid point auto saves. If they don’t, retrying from the cell phone isn’t a big deal. Digging it quite a bit. Seems like it’s more GTA-3 style than San Andreas. Controls take some getting used to as with most games. Don’t like the half trigger pull thing and the car chase cam seems to be at too low an angle to really see what’s directly ahead of you.

  3. It’s not functional for people like me, that can be called at any time and need a save anywhere function. That series is great, but I never go too far because of that.

  4. FYI, I played GTA for about 11 hours yesterday

    at first i was like: Saints Row was better… still kinda think that… Its starting to grow on me… im about 25% complete now already… and I work a fulltime job.

    I am now more pumped for Saints Row 2. The cover system in GTA 4 is sloppy and the cell phone calls from friends are annoying but the game is great, about a 9.5 or a 9.7…

  5. I just ignore the calls if I don’t want to deal with it. As far as I can tell, you don’t get negative on the relationship if you just ignore the call.

    I really hated the atmosphere of Saint’s Row. Didn’t get too far into it.

  6. I get annoyed at thos that call Bioshock a 9 or perfect…its a under deved unpolished console focused FPS with a abscrat equipment/inventory system.
    its not a 9 nor a 8 I could give tia7 but with the PC port being broken its 6, the game has the potential of more but is just another slightly above average shooter.

    I can’t wait till I get my hands on FO3 ^^

  7. killzig
    I made it half way into fort frolic and desided between the bugs and consolerapeage I’ll put off finishing it…I swear dues ex 2 had issues but it was better than BS…..I still think Dark messiah is the better of the newer FPS RPGs, and lets face it bioshock is a FPS RPG no mater how much they watered it down.

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