Pete Hines Talks Fallout 3 on Play

BOS shoots Feral Ghoul

New interview at Play:

Is the timing right for a new Fallout game? Do you worry that the gaming world has moved on?

I think the gaming world is into big, sandbox games where you can go where you want and do what you want. When done right, there’s a big audience for that type of experience. We certainly saw that with Oblivion. I think the potential for a game like Fallout 3 might be even bigger because it appeals to an even wider audience in terms of the setting, and having guns and explosives instead of swords and magic, and so on. Based on the level of interest we’ve had in the game to date, it doesn’t appear the gaming world has moved on.

Reading feedback on our last Fallout 3 preview, fans seem concerned that the story will take a hit with this new RPG. What would you say to convince them that this isn’t the case?

I don’t know if anything I’m going to say is going to convince them of that. The story and characters and dialog and quests of the original Fallout games are a big part of what made them so memorable. We’re fully aware of that and have spent years working on that aspect of the game to make it as good as possible. I imagine that if you need convincing then you probably won’t be until the game comes out and enough people tell you that the story is really good, or you try it for yourself and decide.[…]

Another one based on community feedback. Why a first-person perspective? Is this game going to be a first-person action title, first and foremost?

We simply felt that first-person was the best way to totally immerse the player in the world of Fallout. Not looking down on it from above, but getting you right in there where everything is big and real and in your face.

Fallout 3 is true to the Fallout series; it’s an RPG. That doesn’t mean that we don’t spend a lot of time on the combat and making it as fun and as good as possible. Most people spend a lot of time in RPGs exploring around and killing things. We want to make that as much fun as it can be. But just because that’s important to us doesn’t mean that’s all there is to the game.[…]

How vast is the world of Fallout 3, and how hugely will our experiences change based on decisions made along the way?

It’s a very big world to explore. There’s lots of things to see and do along the way, but it will take you quite a while to explore the whole map (if that’s what you’re setting out to do). Your experiences do change based on the kind of character you want to play, the way you talk to people, and your own actions. If you want to be violent and feared, you can be. If you want to be helpful and kind, you can be. If you want to be neutral and just look out for yourself and not really help or hurt anyone, you can do that as well. The game changes based on the choices you make.

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