Fallout 3 First Look at Videogamer

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New Fallout 3 preview, from Videogamer.com:

It’ll take something pretty special to follow The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Bethesda Softworks’ must-own next-gen RPG ushered in the new generation of consoles spectacularly well, offering hundreds of hours of gameplay in a world impossible to imagine only a few years ago. Its success, though, must have put some pressure on the developer. With a legion of new fans and a hardcore army of long-time followers, only something of truly epic proportions could follow Oblivion. It’s a good job Bethesda had Fallout 3 up its sleeve then.

For Fallout 3 to have the success of Oblivion it’s going to have to be more than a game for hardcore fans. Vault 101 and Pip boy mean nothing to most people, and they didn’t to me either. This didn’t stop the game, demoed by Bethesda’s Peter Hines, looking extremely promising and very different to the fantasy setting of Oblivion.[…]

On to the dangers you’ll face then. During our demo these came in the form of mutants and Ghouls. Super mutants are your biggest foe in the game, with super mutant strongholds being set up across the wasteland. You’ll also face Ghouls (humans exposed to extreme amounts of radiation), with one particular variant being so full of radiation that it glows. How easily you spot these enemies depends on your perception stat, with high level characters seeing enemies on their radar much sooner than beginners.[…]

There’s far more to weapons combat than just targeting an enemy and pressing fire. For one, weapons can take damage and jam during use, meaning you need to keep them in tip-top condition if you’re entering a dangerous area. You can also acquire schematics for special weapon variations of each gun in the game – although these will take some finding. One area, set in what looked like trenches, saw numerous grenade traps. Peter was able to avoid them, but the pursuing super mutants weren’t so lucky. Fallout 3 isn’t a game for kids, so expect plenty of gore too, with limbs flying off in all directions.

Spotted on the Bethblog, that also talks about some Italian coverage of the game.


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