Thanks For Your Time Folks

Thanks for the visits, keep that feedback coming please.


9 thoughts on “Thanks For Your Time Folks

  1. Thanks, but content is what’s missing here, I should have finished a few articles and asked a few others by now, and I should at least finish the Informal FAQ alpha, I started the thing in December…

    But these things have to wait a few weeks now, real life takes precedence, I don’t make a dime out of this place.

  2. Really? With this kind of traffic you should be able to make something…. If from nothing else than at least the youtube videos you have posted (get adsense with those).

    I’ve had a lot of luck with as an Ebay Affiliate.

    Im guessing you run more sites than just this right ?

  3. As long as you don’t mind a drooling fuzzy thing that naws on the furniture who has a pension of wearing nazi regalia when playing and talking about games, then i wont mind posting 😛

  4. briosafreak
    I suggest a few drinks or a few tots…..your going to need mental protection if just for the piss poor grammar ><

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