Fallout 3:Pete Hines At IGN

From IGN:

After an extended stint in the vault, Bethesda’s highly anticipated Fallout 3 has finally begun to emerge into the public eye, and early impressions suggest it’s set to be one of the year’s best titles. We recently caught up with the developer’s Vice President of Public Relations Pete Hines to talk Dogmeat, morality and those 500 endings.

IGN: Has it been a challenge developing across three different formats and working towards a simultaneous release?

Pete Hines: It’s never easy, as any developer will tell you, and you’d always prefer to just make it for one, so you’re aiming for one thing, but this is our second time around on all these platforms, so we’ve learnt a lot already from doing one big sandbox game on 360, PS3 and PC, and we’re able to use a lot of those learnings and that tech for the next generation of stuff we want to do. It’s gone pretty well, and we’re pretty confident we’re going to have three versions that are all on parity in terms of performance, and certainly from a content standpoint and gameplay standpoint it’ll be exactly the same.

IGN: Fallout’s got a massive following and quite a vocal community. Have you at any point consulted the fan-base to see what they want from a Fallout game?

Pete Hines: Back when we first announced we were doing it in 2004, there was tons of feedback with people saying here’s what we want and here’s what we don’t want. We’re not really into consulting, in that we’ve got 75 people who spend all day every day working on this game, so we look for information and feedback for the kinds of things the fans are looking for, and feedback from the last game that we made. Even though it’s an Elder Scroll game, we’ve looked at the things they liked or didn’t like from that, and we have our own opinions about what we liked and didn’t like, and look at what things may be applicable to Fallout. Whether its how fast travel works, or for example how we’ve changed the way leveling works, so it’s very different from Oblivion.

IGN: You’ve said previously that Fallout 3 will have 500 different endings.

Pete Hines:
Somewhere around that.

IGN: How’s that going to work? Is it going to be permutations of different elements?

Pete Hines: It’ll be like in the original games, where the ending that you got was a compilation of different things that you would have done along the way, main quest related or not main quest related, you piece it all together so it’s custom tailored to what you did. We want player choice to be meaningful, so anything that you get will be based upon what you chose to do – did you save this town, did you blow it up – and taking what you did and retelling it back to you so that it’s meaningful to you as opposed to having one generic ending.

There’s a lot more to read.


One thought on “Fallout 3:Pete Hines At IGN

  1. Hmm, not sure how accurate the bit about endings is. As I recall the original game had two definite ending cinematics plus the ending slides. But calling the slides endings could result in people getting the impression that there are 500 cinematics. As I recall, people had mentioned that Blade Runner had something like 13 endings. As silly as it may sound, I actually wouldn’t want 500 cinematics, it just sounds like it would be too much work and wouldn’t pay off much.

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